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Hydraulic Cylinders and spare parts

Our company  has many years of experience in the production and servicing of hydraulic cylinders. We manufacture everything from various hydraulic cylinder designs to the strongest cylinders that require a high level of precision and quality.

A hydraulic cylinder is an executive component that converts hydraulic energy into force and motion, performing a variety of designs for a specific application and function.

Our company has single-sided, double-sided, telescopic cylinders and their components.

The main components of a hydraulic cylinder are the hydraulic cylinder tube and the piston to which the piston rod is connected. The cylinder tube which is internally chromed H8 and H9, is closed on both sides with the bottom on one side and the cylinder head on the other side. A piston rod, which is externally hard chromed Ck 45, comes out through the cylinder head. The piston, sealed with a gasket and guided by guide rings, divides the interior of the cylinder into two chambers, a lower pressure chamber and an upper draft chamber on the side of the piston rod. Hydraulic pressure acts on a piston that moves the piston rod linearly. Such a cylinder is called a double-sided hydraulic cylinder.

Primary functions of hydraulic cylinders include:

– Power generation

– Motion control

– Energy transfer

– Automation

Hydraulic cylinders are used wherever high power is needed, in all branches of industry, but mostly in:

Mechanical engineering, agriculture, construction, shipbuilding, energy industry, food industry, automotive industry, aviation, etc.