Welcome to our web page!

Hidraulika Lasko Co. was established in 1999. Our main activity is manufacturing and servicing of hydraulic systems and equipment.

We are based in Skopje, from where we provide services across Macedonia, as well as the neighboring regions.

Our production and service program includes:

  • manufacture and installation of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses
  • installation of hydraulic power packs
  • installation of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders
  • installation of oil filtration systems
  • design and assembly of custom hydraulic systems, such as hydraulic presses, lifting platforms, hydraulic elevators, sliding platforms, and kipping systems.

We have experience in the following industries:

  • concrete industry
  • steel industry
  • petrol refinery
  • electric power plants
  • construction
  • power and water supply
  • railway
  • food
  • chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • military
  • oil and automotive industry

We hope to hear from you soon to discuss your needs!